Meet the Board

Ronnie Kelley

Ronnie Kelley, Board President, "grew up" in Residential Care, as his mother was one of the founders of ORALA. Ronnie has served on our Board for many years. He and his wife, Donna Kelley, own 2 Residential Care Facilities, one in Vinita and one outside Langley.

BJ Gilliam

BJ Gilliam, Board Vice-President, joined the Board in 2020. BJ has operated our largest Residential Care Facility, The Harbor, in Oklahoma City since 2008.

Tracy Copp

Tracy Copp, Secretary / Treasurer, is the owner / operator of Copp's Residential Care in Claremore, OK. Copp's RCF was one of the founding members of ORALA in 1980.

Carlissia Hartley

Carlissia Hartley manages Edna Lee's Residential Care, another original ORALA member, in Vinita. Carlissia holds an Associates of Applied Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Todd Webb

Todd Webb, owner of Golden Years Residential Care Facility in Konowa, has been involved in the Residential Care field for over 20 years. Todd also facilitates Resident's transition into independent living in his community.

Denise Wilson

Denise has been the Executive Director of ORALA since 2015. Prior to serving as the Executive Director, Denise was a Board Member and along with her husband owned Fair Oaks Residential Care in Langley. Denise participates on several committees to advocate on behalf of ORALA members and the clients we serve.