Does insurance pay for Residential Care?

In Oklahoma, Residential Care is self pay. Neither Medicare nor Medicaid cover housing costs. Many Residents rely on their retirement or disability income to cover their housing charges.

How much does Residential Care cost?

Each Residential Care Facility is individually owned and sets their rates based on services provided. The Residential Contract outlines what services are provided and what charges are associated with these fees. Majority of homes monthly rates range from $700 to $3000.

Is furniture provided?

Residential Care facilities provide all required furnishings and allow additional individual belongings to create one's own personal environment.

Can Residents leave at any time?

Residents of Residential Care are not "locked up". Each Residential Care Facility has its own visitation policy regarding visiting hours out of concern for all Residents. Many Residents enjoy home visits with family. (Please check with individual facility regarding visitation changes impacted by Covid)

Are Residential Cares inspected?

Residential Cares licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health are required to submit annual plumber, electrical, and fire marshall inspections to the State, in addition to the inspections performed by the State Health Department. Many homes are additionally inspected and certified by the Oklahoma State Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and / or the Veteran's Administration.

Can a person have diabetes and be in Residential Care?

If the person is a "stable diabetic", capable of performing their own finger stick glucose test and administering their own insulin (if prescribed), then they may be a candidate for Residential Care.